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. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores in for dave clark, let's look at weather with steve. it's still not too bad, we
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had a long stretch of some good weather, kind of hazy sunshine and higher clouds will not get here until later tonight. maybe some rain tomorrow and today hazy sunshine and 60s, here is sal. good morning, highway 4, traffic here looks slower as you come over the willow pass grade, and also the morning commute is looking good on the san mateo. all that and more minutes ahead, now let's go back to the desk. a manhunt in oakland for two suspects who shot and wounded a police officer. s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene where the shooting happened shortly before 6:30. ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage is at the scene and tells us what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: these men apparently confronted an undercover police officer and
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one of them opened fire on that officer. they continue to search for those two other armed men who escaped and as you can see the neighborhood remains closed. the s.w.a.t. team is out here still but we do get the since the search is winding down in this area. crime scene technicians right now are collecting evidence, taking photos of this scene where last night's shooting took place. the situation began when an undercover officer was shot and wounded during a stake out operation. throughout the night officers had guns drawn, doing a thorough search for those two wanted men. four square blocks do remain locked down and right away police were able to take one of the men into custody but the other two escaped. and last night the chief talked about how important it was to
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fine those two unwanted men. >> they have two armed and dangerous men and we have a wide net because we want to make sure nobody else suffers any injuries as a result of this. >> the undercover officer who was wounded is in this areas part of an investigation into a shooting that occurred in this neighborhood on sunday. police at this point are not releasing the name of that injured officer but he did survive a gunshot. as you can see the neighborhood remains looked down and there is really no way to tell how much longer this neighborhood will remain shut down, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. tori campbell is in washington d.c. the morning after the inauguration, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam, we are actually inside this morning because it is actually freezing and i am getting a little grieve for being a california girl. in fact i have heard it is the coldest day in washington d.c. in about two years. however there is still a warm feeling after all of the hoopla and we are hearing the latest estimates are at or close to a million people and a little more had been originally estimated. we found a few folks in the bay area -- who were from the bay area who were thrilled to be here but they say just being here was enough. >> yes, it is still worth it, i breathe the air obama briefs, so it -- breathes so it was
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worth it. >> when my kids grow up, i will be able to tell them i had the experience something of this magnitude. >> reporter: vendors were hawking everything you can think of related to the inauguration, buttons hats and posters and there will be a lot of crowds as far as the train steaks and the roads and some of those estimated 100 people will be started home. coming up we will find out what we can expect for the president's second term. i am tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> people who did attend the second inauguration said it was much better than four years ago but lines were still long but overall people said it was more
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organized and it made getting around easier. >> definite lit not as -- definitely not as many people as there was before but still a lot of hope. >> an the first lady as is tradition walked the parade route and certainly you can hear the excitement there. as the u.s. congress gets back to workings house republicans could avoid a showdown over the debt ceiling. coming up, we will have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with not so hidden agenda. tara moriarty tells us about the four victims shot at and they are all teens. >> reporter: ever since we were here, neighbors stopped by to ask us if we have more information because quite frankly they are shocked as the
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teens were standing here and somebody drove bias -- drove by and shot at them. you can see the bullet holes. this all happened at 6:00 in grandville and the driveby shooting left four young people ranging in age 13 to 16 and luckily they are all expected to survive. they were struck by bullets by three or four males ins side. two middle school boys were here and we don't know if they were in deed the victims. >> i have seen them playing soccer and i have never had any problems with that family. >> so you really are surprised. >> yes, it is very surprising, very scary. >> right now detectives say they have no motive and they are not saying if the shooting is related.
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we will keep checking in with them all morning long and keep you posted. ktvu channel 2 morning news. the issue of sidewalks at tonight's city council meeting and they are made of business advocates and homeless others have to develop a passionate sidewalks plan. this comes after they rejected a controversial measure which would have been sitting on berkeley sidewalks and critics argue it unfairly targets the homeless ; this morning we checked the cost from flying from fso to new orleans on and we found the average cost is 1,500 dollars. that is nearly trim the normal cost to fly that route. that is for friday before the super bowl and then coming back on monday. >> that is a pretty penny to pay >> i think so. >> lots of people will pay
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though. it is unusual at the toll plaza because of a minor crash they have cleared up but the metering lights are on and they are backed up on the over crossing. it looks good but certainly more cars are coming through from the freeway to the 880 split so if you are driving in marin county, checking the contra costa region all the way across the bay, it is getting busier in bay point and also busier in pleasant hill. let's go to steve. >> good morning everybody, not as cold, bitterly cold in the great lakes, just so you know. we had our cold stretch and each day along the coast, there
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is some by san francisco, i mean there is some really mild temperatures and it will be a day of high clouds. it looks like that antioch temperature 41 on a 46 novato 31 and not far away and i have seen some lower 30s and officially 38 in san francisco, and these temperatures are come up a long way in the last four to six days. it is the system to the south which is warmer and i think we will start to see more of a southerly breeze and there is a lot of high clouds slowly working their way in. a little haze on the edges and especially by the coast but right now we have the component of an offshore breeze.
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60 on the temperatures a lot of high clouds to the north and it looks like we will get another one. timing is iffy but i would say warmer weather will return on sunday. they reverse the decision and the uproar is stopping. and it is caught on tape, how three people were able to escape after the suspect opened fire. the movie is coming to the big screen and it is causing a big buzz in hollywood.
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. the move comes after pressure after the sandy hook school shooting and they are calling for a boycott for group on. in all 60 cars and big risk were involved in the pileup. one girl died in the crash. dozens of people were hurt and they are blaming the sudden burst of snow. two victims are listed in critical condition. a man from texas is one of the victims killed in a hostage span dove in -- standoff in
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algeria and now his family is trying to cope with the loss. >> i could associate death with cancer but not terrorism. >> he was taken hostage when a group linked to al qaeda attacked the natural gas plant last week. they moved in on saturday but 38 hostages were killed and two other americans were among those killed. congress gets back to work with the debt ceiling now a priority. kyla campbell has more with the details on their proposal, kyla campbell? >> reporter: they want to increase the debt ceiling without simultaneous budget cuts but they have a not so hidden agenda so the u.s. could focus the pressure on the senate to pass the first budget
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in nearly four years. this would take the debt ceiling issue off the table for now but other debates are coming in the weeks ahead. with the fiscal cliff, they have decided to put it off for months and also the current budget expires at the end of march without a spending plan in place, a partial government shut down is possible. house members are scheduled to vote tomorrow and democrats in the senate are on board with it. they are talking about it regarding the debt ceiling when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> on our website as well, >> i'll take that, including beyonce, she sang the national an them. they are hoping to be led
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to the suspect involved in the robbery. three people were able to escape from the store after the shooting from the bullet proof glass. they are deciding whether to approve a consulting contract for bradden. they don't like that he stopped to frisk tactics. but in a letter, they praised him and they said racial profiling will not be tolerated. if approved they will pay his consulting firm $200,000. they set off a hollywood bidding war. the movie called fruit veil, they are now all bidding for the film and the drama was written by newcomer ryan
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cougeller, and it chronicles the shooting from four years ago on the bart station. they will put bike stations around marin and riders could borrow them for short trips. the first bike program will start this summer with stations from san francisco to san jose. well, it has now been exactly three years since crews began cutting out the tunnels and the big project on highway 24 is moving to the final phase. the new boor is expected to be open this year and opening it will give them more in traffic especially during the rush hour. i understand the bay bridge is slower than normal? >> it is because of the incidents on the bay bridge
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getting into san francisco and it is very slow but the normal drive time is about 15 minutes and we are almost double that now. so if you are coming up and just waiting for 15 minutes, it is about 25 to 30 minutes at the end of the line and we have some earlier troubles so we need to add extra time so call your boss and say, hey, i am running 20 minutes late. or take bart, we checked in with bart for you and bart is doing well. looking at interstate 880, we want to go to the san mateo brain and that's not a bad idea now. the only thing i want to tell you about that is there has been a new crash on the other side. it is an injury crash here so if you want to drive northbound on 280, get to the city that way, it seems like a long ways but you may want to drive it out this way. southbound 101 between 380 and
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10 is, that day -- 101, that may change and we will keep a close eye on it for you. we have patchy fog overall, temperatures starting off, no 30s yet, but 31 santa rosa, livermore is 30, not far away from livermore and antioch and i have seen 35, 48 to 51 on some of the lows, mountain view is also 38. a system is running slow and it is running into a wall of high pressure so it's really tough to move, the dry stretch of weather ends and there is two parts and there is soul actually one -- actually one to the southwest and the first system has more clouds and rain but it looks like we will get a
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little something out of it. unless you are towards santa clara valley and santa cruz, in the 70s and 64 in mountain view. not a lot of rain on saturday, thursday clears out and the weekend, with your weekend always in view it looks iffy and rain returns stronger with a system coming in on sunday. this morning verizon reports a bigger loss than expected. -- than expected. they lost more than a billion dollars in quarter four and they blame the damage from superstorm sandy and that he had record number of subscribers during that quarter. the ceo forces any manager out who challenges his power. it is written by former senior
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vice-president who adds to get back to high tech and microsoft needs to feebled a new leader. here is more ever since he became the first artist and now his business is seeing a big spike in business. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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only $29 a month for six months.
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. welcome back, police have arrested three suspects on petaluma. the witness provided information to the police about the suspects and their car. they are holding the three men on a $5 million bail. they found drugs and weapons in the car and nobody was hurt. former san francisco crime lab tech anything deborah madden is charged with deception back in 2009. her first trial ended in a hung jury and they agreed they stole cocaine but she did it by means
6:27 am
of deception. they are calling him and what is on his arm... >> colin's tattoo artist is seeing a big increase in business and he has been working with the quarterback since 2008 when he played for the university of nevada. he said he is happy they are in the super bowl. >> it makes more sense to me with the super bowl and you know puts more money in my pocket. >> most of his tattoos have a religious meaning and he has a lot of tattoos he puts a lot of thought into before getting them. >> video from last week shows the turkey picking at the tires of a moving car. crews brought the turkey and released it into the wild and
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after getting used to the new surroundings, the turkey joined up with other turkeys. hey, sal, checking on the peninsular? >> i told you about a crash on 101 so if you are driving on the bay shore freeway let's say you are coming from san mateo trying to get to the airport, it's right there and you may want to think about using 280 instead as you drive to the peninsular. let's talk about the sunole grade, 880 looks good as you drive pass -- past mission boulevard san we will check that next after there was a stall but the backup is getting bigger, let's go to steve. >> mostly clear and some higher clouds will begin to work their way in and temperatures are cold but not as cold as they were. 54 degrees and antioch is in there, san rafael, fairfield livermore and i saw a couple of
6:29 am
50-degree readings, our systems are there but it's just creepy crawling. more coming up -- more coming up in about ten minutes. two suspects are wanted for shooting and wounding a police officer and we will get an update from the scene coming up next. we are live at san jose airport where the newest carrier has announced they are canceling more of its flights and we will tell you about the mess it is causing for travelers. also the opening bell is about to open and we will have the early stock numbers coming up. using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges
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deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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. right on time, the opening bell, we are talking about verizon, bigger loss than
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expected and the stock is said to open higher. dupont profit 58% for the quarter and that stock is headed lower and we will have all the business news coming up in just a moment. we have all the business news and it's tuesday january 22nd, i am in for dave clark. 12 hours after a police officer was shot and wounded in oakland, a search continues for two or three -- two of three suspects. that shooting happened on east seminary and we have an update on the scene, what is happening out there, alex? >> reporter: we just heard they will be holding a news conference for this manhunt and you can see the area is still blocked off and you can see the s.w.a.t. team remains on scene right now although it is unclear in talking with officers if they
6:33 am
are still actively searching for those two armed men who got away last night. throughout the night, we do know officers had guns drawn for those two men who escaped. this situation all began to unfold at 6:30 when an undercover oakland police officer was shot at during a stake out situation. right away police were able to take one man into custody but the two others escaped. >> he was confronted by three armed and very dangerous individuals and due to the confrontation, the officer was shot in the arm. the officer suffered a non life- threatening injury and he is expecting to have a fool recovery. >> he suffer add gunshot wound to the arm and is expected to
6:34 am
survive. this is part of a stake out after leaving a man critically wounded on sunday and he was doing some follow up work when he was confronted again by the three armed men last night. as we take you back to the live picture, police officer do remain on scene an area is still tape -- area is still taped off and there is no sense on how much longer this neighborhood will remain locked down. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and in overnight news, police are looking for a driver who smashed into a power pole. it snapped power lines leaving more than a dozen nearby homes without elect trailty. the driver left the car at the scene and drove off. workers are still on the scene trying to restore power to the area. new this morning, it is an
6:35 am
airline that just launched service from san jose to tokyo but this morning passengers are left to find alternative flights. janine de la vega with more on how dream liners are preventing passengers from taking flight. jeanine? >> reporter: they have now announced that they have canceled 320 of its flights including 51 international flights and san jose is the only bay area using 787 so operations here are at a standstill. this is what the ticket counterlooked like this morning and we are told agents were here is helping travelers rebook flights and they expect it to happen again this morning. there is a notice of apology announcing they are suspending from january 28th, next monday. they ordered all of them
6:36 am
grounded after a flight made an emergency landing last week due to battery problems. this latest news is disappointing to travelers who are excited to finally have a direct flight from asia to san jose. >> it is great for myself and my colleague, my people trying fly to japan saturday, but [inaudible] and they have to change the flights. >> reporter: ana just started operating a week and a half ago with lots of fan fair. they celebrated the inaugural flight and how muched more flights would be -- hoped more flights would be coming to san jose. they celebrated 7 to 8 million in the first year of coming but
6:37 am
now with flights grounded, it has put a ringel in the -- wrinkle in the flights grounded. we are waiting to hear back and hopefully we will hear back coming up on mornings on 2. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. it was damaged by an oil tanker two weeks -- tanker two weeks ago. caltrans says the bumpers which are made of steel and plastic did their job and did protect the structure. it will take about $4 million to repair the bumpers. a young girl is dead after a strong earthquake rocked indonesia. it struck the province last night and a 4.1 after shock came moments later. a young girl was found buried
6:38 am
underneath rubble and she was found dead : a firefighter was hurt in yuba county. it happened in a civil engineering building and one person was inside at the time unable to get out safely. hundreds would have been working and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. google is announced to have solid revenue and profits. now this evening, they will update for the north bay shore area and they are the biggest as well as the city's biggest employer. so city council is particularly interested in what google wants to do in how it will affect the transportation and environment. today, they will talk over the reason fire steaks closures
6:39 am
-- fire station closures and they were shuttered to help close the deficit. they are meeting at the heights elementary. there is a lot of hype and one of the big story lines is two brothers coaching against eave other but jim harbaugh wants the focus to be elsewhere. >> the players are the ones who have the most to do with it and they are the ones we should be talking about. >> harbaugh called the situation a blessing and a curse. he said he and his older brother have exchanged a few text messages and probably will not speak ahead of the meeting but the brothers faced each other with the ravens during thanksgiving. the time-being of the game for the super bowl has people
6:40 am
concerned, that story coming up at 6:45. we had a crash and a stalled vehicle earlier this morning and the bridge crews and chp did a great job getting it out but it is slower than it normally is. we are pushing 30 minutes and that's almost double the time and at the very least you know you have to give yourself extra time but it is improving a little bit and it is not all that bad and if you don't run on a tight schedule, you should be okay but leave the house early if you do. let's move to the peninsular and at third there is an injury crash and the bay bridge will be slow approaching 101 and 280 is an alternative to getting to daily city, et cetera. there is more stop and go, we will have another update coming up. still cold, i know we have
6:41 am
some lower 30s but we are about 5 to 7 degrees from where we were and the coast is much warmer. our pattern change is very, very slowly inching towards us. a lot of high clouds coming in today and it will still be mostly sunny and the temperatures have a little bit of haze and we'll see that wind turn from offshore to more subtly. it does look like some rain will make it but a stronger system on the weekend. some areas are still cold and you can see near antioch, i am still seeing a couple of 34s and 35s. walnut creek napa 33 and 48 san francisco, 42 fso and yesterday at this time they were 49. we'll see increasing high clouds and i mean they will take their time getting here. sunny high clouds drifting in the afternoon and we should start seeing more of a westerly breeze by the coast.
6:42 am
clear lake in there, sonoma 64, danville 63, still lower 60s and oakland is coming down from the upper 60s and the stronger offshore breeze. still very close to near 70s and that there wil be gilroy and lower 60s on coast, still pretty mild and nice, palo alto 64, rain makes it in and i think it will make it, mostly sunny on thursday and an iffy pattern on sunday. they came in and found it half empty. it put the family behind this east bay piss. they are tar getting a group of teams and neighbors are shocked by the youngest victim. good morning if you are driving on the sat san mateo but getting over -- on the san mateo and if you are driving to
6:43 am
the peninsular, we will tell you about that straight ahead.
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. president barack obama will be back at the white house this morning. he will begin his second -- he will begin his second term and the president called for unity in meeting the challenges facing the country oakland police are searching for two suspects wanted for a shooting by an uncover officer. -- undercover officer. the officer was shot in the arm and a third suspect was wanted last night. they are all being put on to airlines and it comes after 787s were grounded because of safety concerns. it will be tuesday before the latest will be operational once again. ktvu channel 2 morning news' tara moriarty tells us all four victims are teens, tara? >> reporter: a next door neighbor said there are two middle school aged boys that
6:47 am
are always playing soccer out in the yard and they have never given her any problems so she is shocked by a driveby shooting which happened and you can see the bullet holes, it happened last night at 6:00 and investigators say somebody shot four people ranging in age from 13 to 16 and they were all seriously wounded but are expected to survive. they were struck by bullets by a passing car with three to four males inside. neighbors cannot believe it. >> that neighborhood is very quiet, i live in this house a couple of years lard and i don't have any problems. that is the first time i see that in years. >> reporter: now the getaway car is described as a late model four-door sedan and right now detectives have no motive and they are not saying if the
6:48 am
shooting was gang related. we will try to check in with the family so see if they have any idea why they would be targeted. live in brentwood, ktvu channel 2 morning news. gone in 60 minutes and they are hoping surveillance video cracks the theft. it shows a man kicking in the area and made off with a dozen high-end cars over the course of an hour. >> it is not right for what they did. we started saying nothing but everybody is basically trying to make a living and survive. >> they estimate the loss at $200,000. one audi was recovered after running out of gas nearby and they have not made any arrests. a politician is playing in a tug of war after the
6:49 am
sacramento kings. steinberg is angry that the man is buying the nba team. they want to make public all dollars paid to microsoft and he suggests he has no business moving the kings to seattle. he has just 12 days to move them and san francisco police are also getting ready for the big game. they arrested many after the championship game and there could be a lot more trouble after an even bigger game is expected to end. >> it is foreign make sure we cover all the bases. >> people tend to drink a little bit more. >> police are also studying the nighttime riots after it broke out in october. they trashed several neighborhoods and even torched a $700,000 muni bus.
6:50 am
we want to go back to sal who has an update on the peninsular. >> that's right, the problem we had on northbound 101 continues to have implications not only for 101 but also for the san mateo bridge so just a lot of slow traffic on 101 and fire department is still blocking lanes. as we look at southbound 101, slightly up in time and still nine minutes between 880 so it's not affecting traffic so much in the southbound direction. let's go back to the toll plaza, earlier on the span traffic times are just a little bit more than normal. if it is normally 20 minutes, we are looking at more like 30 getting into the city and if you are driving on highway 4 all of a sudden we see some slow traffic through highway 4 from pittsburgh to bay point
6:51 am
through contra costa county. >> sal, we are getting closer to caldecott. >> yes. >> and we have mostly sunny skies and the rain will arrive tomorrow and in fact some updated information came in and it's a little more bullish for rain, and i buy it. 48 in san francisco, 44 oakland 40 redwood shores, 4139 near redwood city, -- 41 39 near redwood city, hazy skies, mostly sunny in the morning and this system does not arrive until late tomorrow and the dry pattern is ending that stretch of really warm weather on the coast and bay which is coming to an end so we'll see it come
6:52 am
a little more westerly and it feels cooler today. we will start to see more of a southerly breeze or even a westerly breeze, higher clouds still not bad mostly sunny during the day, 60s on the spread, well that is starting to narrow santa cruz 70 for one more day and 76 around noon. set your watches accordingly if you have a watch anymore or your smart phone. clouds more rain with your weekend always in view it looks like a strong der system -- stronger system on sunday. they will close nearly half the remaining blockbuster video and that will put about 3,000 people out of work and the public is not saying which
6:53 am
stores will close than leaves only 500 blockbusters remaining. southwest airlines are leaving a fee for passengers who want to get on early so people get the best seats. people who buy them are joining the loyalty program but now anyone can pay a $40 fee or get on earlier. and rescue teams in san francisco, what is causing more people to run into trouble in the water and we will have more on the warning that is in effect today. it has been 20 years since roe versus wade and we will have a new poll on how americans peel about abortion.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back, nasdaq and s&p 500 talks about verizon they are talking about a big loss but adding a record number of subscribers and the stock is up 100 percent. roe versus wade decision legalizing abortion, and the supreme court is still the subject of debate. the wall street journal pole shows 70% agree with
6:57 am
overturning roe versus wade. still some say it should be overturned and some laws place restrictions on abortions. we are learning what would happen if san francisco were to lose accreditation. they are making sure all current students can complete and transfer their education. last year they found a number of problems with the colleges structure and finance and they will have a certain amount of time to issue their information and final ruling could come soon. phillip stole $1,700 from a bank of america branch and he is charged with burglary and both are felonies. he has pled not guilty and court records indicate problems. there are rough waves after
6:58 am
several people had to be rescued in just three days. the latest rescue shows a surfer with few problems had to be rescued. he got tired and climbed up on to the rock while his friend called for help. when rescue teams arrived, his friend climbed off the rock and had to be brought back to shore. >> also know your skill level because the waves have been rough. >> it kept rescue teams very busy and on saturday and sunday they had record rescues and they are expected tobies i again today -- expected to be busy again today. there is a lot of slow traffic, let's start with the bay bridge and we had an earlier problem getting into the city. if you are driving on the
6:59 am
peninsular northbound 101 again, this is not good news and northbound 101 traffic is still good because of an accident at third. it's not as cold as it has been, at least parts of the forecast area, other parts are not that bad although afternoon airport was still tweeted out but high clouds and 60s for temperatures. brian? coming up on mornings on 2, an undercover officer is shot during on duty and there is a massive manhunt that continues this morning. stay with us, we will be right back.

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